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About us

Valdeorras Vive is a youth association that offers leisure activities, non-formal education and Erasmus+ mobility programs for rural youth in the Valdeorras and El Bierzo regions. Founded in 2019, our goal is to attract talent, inspiration and new ideas that serve as an engine of change among the youngest.

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Travel, explore and learn with us

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Non-formal education for rural youth

Non-formal education is a powerful alternative to traditional educational methods, focused on experiential learning and the development of key competencies. In our projects you can learn by doing, develop personally and professionally in international environments in which we talk about topics as varied as entrepreneurship, history, cultural expression, and all kinds of social issues.

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International Erasmus+ projects

Since 2019, we are proud to offer international Erasmus+ mobility opportunities to the youth of Valdeorras and El Bierzo. The Erasmus+ program is a unique opportunity to travel abroad in non-formal education environments for young people, offering new spaces for socialization, critical look and discovery of new and interesting people from very diverse countries.

Volunteering and training courses

We want to encourage the youth of Valdeorras to dream of a green and sustainable future for our region. To put an end to the trend of depopulation and rural abandonment, we are committed to innovation and the creation of new initiatives with which young people can feel truly proud of choosing to live in Valdeorras. To this end, we organize projects based on local themes, with feet on the ground and that allow us to directly address the problems and concerns of young people.

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Promotion and sustainable development of Valdeorras

We work to promote and make Valdeorras known to the world, a rural region located in Galicia that hides treasures such as its fascinating wine tradition or the Winter Way of St. James. We are committed to education and awareness for a change towards a sustainable development model, to preserve everything that makes us unique and to promote Valdeorras and its heritage among young people.

Erasmus+ experiences
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"In love with this association and those who are part of it. It has been an honour to participate in their projects!"

Anastasiia Yezhova (Ukraine)


About our projects

Get to know us better!

Forum theater  is one of the star activities of our exchanges


In a Youth Exchange you cannot miss the typical dances of each country

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Discovering the mountains of Trevinca, one of the natural treasures of Valdeorras

Georgian intercultural night

The Erasmus+ program brings us closer to cultures as far away as Armenia or Georgia

Contact us

Real 11, O Barco de Valdeorras 32300 Spain

+34 669105046

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