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Winter Way

The French Way to Santiago de Compostela, with its hard climb over the peaks of O Cebreiro, was avoided in winter by pilgrims who took this alternative route, a natural entrance to Galicia through the valley of the river Sil towards Valdeorras. Today this route represents one of the greatest tourist attractions in our region, and a way of discovering our lands that we want to make known and fill with life.


Objective I

A different way

The Winter Way is a little-known route and much less traveled than the French Way, but full of natural and cultural attractions at its entrance to Valdeorras from El Bierzo. We want it to be the reflection of a different, sustainable tourism, not overcrowded, and also to serve as an engine of change and development for the entire region.

Objective II

Erasmus+ in Valdeorras

From our first experience walking the Camino with an Erasmus+ group in the summer of 2021, we ourselves began to become aware of everything we can show the world about a land like Valdeorras. We want to make the Winter Way known internationally so that those of us who are close to it begin to value it and take care of it for what it is: one of our best signs of identity as a region.


Objective III

To learn at every stage

We do the Camino not only to live the pilgrimage experience, we also accompany each route with activities, workshops and moments of reflection around this theme. With intercultural groups, we talk about the heritage that surrounds us, about tourism and its impact (positive or negative), about natural resources and the relationship we establish with them... We seek that each stage be a space for non-formal learning, in a 100% interactive environment.

Objective IV

To create lasting bonds

The friendships and experiences that accompany us during the Erasmus+ program often end up being lasting links that strengthen ties between the different countries, beyond the duration of the projects. It is difficult to quantify its impact, but we know that each youth exchange can be the seed of great stories of international cooperation in the future. 

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