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Terra Viva: inspiring entrepeneurship among rural youth - Training Course in 2024


This Erasmus+ training course takes place in May 2024 in Peñalba de Santiago (El Bierzo), where we bring together youth workers and educators from four countries to work to create successful projects in rural areas, with educational tools and practical examples to promote entrepreneurship among youth.


For whom?

This training course brings together 16 youth workers and educators from four different countries: Spain, Estonia, Romania, Latvia, Czech Republic and Greece.


This training course was born from the idea of providing youth workers with better tools and inspiration to promote entrepreneurship and innovation among rural youth.

Where and when?

The project takes place in the iconic mountain village of Peñalba de Santiago, during 6 days.

The team

The coordinators of this project are Lucas Docampo and Alexandra Galkina.

Youthpass certificate

Proof of your participation

By being part of this project, you will receive the YouthPass Diploma: a non-formal education certificate recognized throughout Europe that allows you to describe what you have done and learned. Plus, it can be a great way to stand out at a job interview, going to college, or to show off to your friends!


Objetivo Bierzo: "Peñalba atrae a Europa"

A report in collaboration with Castilla y León Televisión

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