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Youth Tebaida

We are in the south of Bierzo, in the most mountainous and isolated area of the municipality of Ponferrada. This is a region historically used by hermit monks, known as the Tebaida Berciana. Youth Tebaida project seeks to fill this unique place with youth and new ideas, with training courses, exchanges, meetings and activities to re-think and value its great natural and ethnographic importance.


Objective I

Rural entrepreneurship

We want to attract talent, inspiration and new ideas to a rural environment with enormous potential. The villages of the Tebaida Berciana, among which Peñalba de Santiago stands out, can stand out as spaces in which to give life to all kinds of entrepreneurial proposals: rural tourism, local products, their rich history, excellent gastronomy and natural resources.

Objective II

Back to the roots

Tebaida Berciana is the origin of a mystical history of monks and monasteries, but also of an oral tradition and a way of life that risks being lost forever. Our goal is to recover and protect these stories, their miths and legends, but also the unknown Mozarabic art, the small hermitages and monasteries, or the traditional Bercian architecture.


Objective III

Non formal education

The training of young people and youth workers is essential for the sustainable development of rural areas such as ours. We provide training in innovative methods of non-formal education, in collaboration with associations from all over Europe. This collaboration will allow us to create a support network between rural associations interested in entrepreneurship, rural development and conservation of the natural environment.

Objective IV

International visibility

Thanks to the Erasmus+ program we can make the Tebaida Berciana known internationally as a cultural landscape of the highest interest. We seek to fill its towns with youth, so that these are a space for learning and discovery and not just a tourist destination. We welcome international groups in Youth Exchanges and Training Courses on a wide variety of topics.

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