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ECO (friendly) tourism: Youth Exchange on sustainable tourism in Romania

Last March we had the opportunity to participate in a Youth Exchange organized by the association Asociatia CPDIS in the city of Costinesti, on the shores of the Black Sea in Romania. Together with young people from Turkey, Czech Republic, Greece, Romania and Lithuania, we were able to learn about sustainable tourism, ecotourism, entrepreneurship and rural development.

The Spanish team you see in the picture (Adrian, Aida, Candela, Fernando, Esteban, Eva Maria and Fatima) was in charge of living this experience, which in addition to meeting people from different cultures and learning from them, allowed them to visit wonderful places in Romania and learn first-hand about its rich history.

During the week of the exchange, we attended lectures and workshops on sustainable tourism and ecotourism. We learned about the importance of conserving our environment and developing forms of tourism that do not harm the ecosystem. We also had the opportunity to visit some local tourism companies engaged in these practices and learn about their work.

Another activity we enjoyed was the development of a group project. Together with colleagues from countries such as Greece, Turkey or Lithuania, we worked on a business plan for a sustainable tourism company in our respective cities. It was a great opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship and rural development, and also to put our teamwork skills into practice.

The best part of the project was the opportunity to apply what we learned in a real community and contribute to its development. In addition, the exchange of ideas and experiences with young people from different countries and cultures is always enriching.


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