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Meigas Project

"I don't believe in Meigas, but in Valdeorras, for sure we have them!" With this simple quote we start the Meigas Project, a series of Youth Exchanges in which we want to delve into the roots of the different European cultures: traditions, witch stories, legends, dances and songs... all of them elements that define our cultural reality and they invite us to reflect, debate and better understand the reason for many of the problems and conflicts in today's society.


Objective I

To know your own culture

In our exchanges we want to invite young people to explore and learn more about an aspect of their own culture. Perhaps you do not know many of the traditions, songs, stories or stories that surround you since you were a child, and what better way to learn than to teach them to the world: from scratch and without prejudice.

Objective II

To create educational games

At Valdeorras Vive we are true enthusiasts of workshops and interactive games for intercultural learning. We seek to transfer learning to outdoor environments y that encourage active participation, such as educational Escape Rooms .

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Objective III

To break barriers and prejudices

One of the keys to a more peaceful, open and tolerant future society is knowledge. But we are not referring to the information in encyclopedias, but to the learning that live interaction brings us, with non-formal methods and thanks to direct exposure to cultures as diverse as those of the countries included in the Erasmus+ program. We seek to create exchanges that are an antidote to prejudice, discrimination or xenophobia.

Objective IV

To discover other realities

The exchanges of the Meigas project are an opportunity to get to know cultures and realities that are very different from ours. An environment of mutual learning, lots of fun, and in which to practice languages and discover all those things that you had not dared to ask young people from other cultures.

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