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In the shoes of a pilgrim: a claim for a sustainable tourism - Youth Exchange in 2021

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This Erasmus+ project took place in summer 2021 in Casaio (Valdeorras), where we brought together participants from five countries to value heritage and promote sustainable tourism, taking as an example the Santiago's Way. Through intercultural learning, we share stories and cultural values, creating lasting connections.


For whom?

The youth exchange brought together 30 young people from five countries: Spain, Italy, Estonia, Armenia and Georgia (5 participants + group leader).


The objective was to value heritage and promote a sustainable tourism through the example of Santiago's road to promote respect and understanding towards other cultures.

Where and when?

The project took place in the mountain village de Casaio, for 9 days (07/30-08/09 of 2021). We also visit Santiago de Compostela y O Barco de Valdeorras.

The team

The facilitators of this exchange were Lucas DocampoJulieta Fusaro and Álvaro Docampo with the support of Aleksandra Galkina from the Estonian team.

The project at Casaio has been one of the best experiences that I can remember. With a program full of surprises, fresh ideas and interesting activities, I still feel the positive energies of this summer.

Nika Kratsashvili (Georgia)

Youthpass certificate

Proof of your participation

By being part of this project, you will receive the YouthPass Diploma: a non-formal education certificate recognized throughout Europe that allows you to describe what you have done and learned. Plus, it can be a great way to stand out at a job interview, going to college, or to show off to your friends!

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