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I don't believe in Meigas, but in Valdeorras there are - Youth exchange in 2021


This Erasmus+ project took place in the summer of 2021 in the town of Carucedo, next to the Roman mines of Las Médulas. In a magical setting, we bring together participants from six countries to learn and reflect on different cultural perspectives on traditions and popular legends, taking as an example the stories of meigas of rural Galicia.


For whom?

The youth exchange brought together  36 young people from six countries: Spain, Estonia, Turkey, Armenia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic (5 participants + group leader).


The objective was to promote the cultural exchange and non-formal learning reflecting on different cultural perspectives. It was sought that the participants experience and immerse themselves in the local culture of rural Galicia.

Where and when?

The project took place in the town of Carucedo, during 6 days (08/15-08/21 2021). We also visit Las Médulas and the lake of Carucedo.

The team

The facilitators of this exchange were Lucas DocampoJulieta Fusaro and Álvaro Docampo with the support of Aleksandra Galkina from the Estonian team.

At first I was a bit scared because I had never done an Erasmus+ exchange and I didn't know how it worked. Already on the first day I realized all the wonderful experiences that I would have missed.

Ana Miguez (Spain)

Youthpass certificate

Proof of your participation

By being part of this project, you will receive the YouthPass Diploma: a non-formal education certificate recognized throughout Europe that allows you to describe what you have done and learned. Plus, it can be a great way to stand out at a job interview, going to college, or to show off to your friends!

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