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From Valdeorras to Georgia: creativity and critical thinking on the shores of the Black Sea

We are back from a new Erasmus+ training course, in which we were invited to participate together with Proactive Group Georgia and no less than ten countries from all over the world. We tell you how this unique experience was, in a place as far away and special as the coast of Georgia by the Black Sea.

Even before the start of this trip, we had an intuition that it would be special. With guest countries from places as diverse as Armenia, Lebanon and the Czech Republic, the contrast and multiculturalism of the Erasmus+ projects was more enriching than ever.

But then, what did we dedicate these ten days of intercultural coexistence to? The course revolved around three closely related and fundamental concepts such as Creativity, Critical Thinking and Cooperation (CCC). All three are essential skills for life and success in any field, whether personal or professional, and of course within the field of education and youth work.

During our stay in Batumi, in addition to learning about the three CCCs, we had the opportunity to enjoy and discover the rich culture of the country. The indescribable hospitality of the people, a vibrant city that is growing by leaps and bounds and a gastronomy to fall in love with. Special mention must go to khachapuri, a traditional Georgian dish that quickly became one of our favourites.

But if there is one thing we want to highlight about a project like this, it is the opportunity it gives us to connect with people and cultures that we might otherwise never have met. By crossing borders and reaching places as culturally distant as Jordan, Lebanon or Georgia, we enter a world of diversity and mutual enrichment that leaves its mark on each of us.

Why is this connection important - is it just an opportunity for learning and personal growth, or is there something deeper at play? Perhaps by connecting with people from different cultures, we can find a sense of unity and understanding that transcends our differences. Perhaps, by learning about each other's stories and experiences, we can find common ground to work together towards a better future.

Ultimately, the Erasmus+ programme reminds us that while we may have different languages, religions or traditions, we are all human beings with similar desires, needs and dreams. And by crossing borders and connecting with others, we can broaden our perspective of the world and our ability to build a more prosperous, inclusive and peaceful future.


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