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Get Inspired: back to Romania for a Youth Exchange on youth entrepreneurship

This November we have just returned from participating in a new Youth Exchange of the Erasmus+ program! We have returned to Romania, as this time the exchange took place in Slanic-Moldova, a small town in a rural area in the center of the country. The exchange was organized by the local association Asociația pentru Dezvoltare Activă. During the project, young people from various European countries such as Malta, Turkey, Romania, and Serbia worked together to foster entrepreneurship in rural areas, improve skills and knowledge in developing new ideas, and generally experience an enriching cultural exchange. It was a very rewarding experience in which we acquired new skills and knowledge, and also had the opportunity to meet young people from other countries and share our cultures.

One of the most fun and entertaining parts of the Youth Exchange, as is often the case, was the intercultural nights. Each night, one group of participants was in charge of preparing a typical meal from their country, and all the rest of us had the opportunity to try new dishes and flavors. It was amazing to see how all the participants made an effort to show the best of their culinary culture, and it was also fun to see how some dishes caused some surprise or even horror among the others. Overall, the intercultural dinners were an excellent opportunity to learn more about the different cultures of the participants, and also to laugh and enjoy together.

Another highlight was the visit to an entrepreneurship incubator in Bacău. We had the opportunity to meet young local entrepreneurs who told us their stories and showed us their projects. It was fascinating to see the enthusiasm and creativity of these young people, and it was also fun to see how some of our colleagues from other countries could not help but be surprised by some of the more innovative ideas. Overall, the visit was an excellent opportunity to be inspired and learn about entrepreneurship in an environment different from our own.

Although the Youth Exchange lasted two weeks, we were never bored. The theme of the project, promoting entrepreneurship, proved to be very interesting and kept us busy and motivated throughout the exchange. In addition, the program included a wide variety of activities, from practical workshops to cultural excursions, which made the time fly by. And as if that wasn't enough, we were also lucky enough to coincide with the World Cup, so we were able to enjoy some exciting matches in good company. All in all, it was an unforgettable experience that improved our skills and knowledge, and also allowed us to enjoy a lot of fun and entertaining moments. Thanks to all of you who made it possible!


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