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Mind Matters: an Erasmus+ experience in Hungary

Updated: Mar 30

Hello everyone from Valdeorras Vive! Today we want to share our exciting experience in the 'Mind Matters' project in Hungary, organized by the association Európa Ifjúsága Egyesület in the charming Fejér County, the rural area where they work with the Erasmus+ program. We tell you how was the experience!

As usual in the Erasmus+ training courses, we were surrounded by participants from all over Europe. Youth workers, teachers and people interested in mental health joined together to explore important topics. We dove right into discussions about the most common disorders, the stigma associated with mental health and how to support young people in difficult situations.

But it wasn't all work, there was also a lot of fun! The intercultural evenings were an explosion of laughter and discovery, sharing music, dances and culinary delights from each country represented. In addition, we had the opportunity to participate in exciting activities such as horseback riding and archery, which helped us connect even more with nature and with each other.

We would like to thank the organization of the event, which was impeccable in all aspects. The facilitators guided us with passion and professionalism through a topic as important as it was complex to address.

And now, let's move on to the important part: the testimonials. Maria shares: "The atmosphere with the colleagues was magnificent. Also the coordination of the Hungarian team was exceptional. And the guidance of Richi, the facilitator. I learned a lot of self-knowledge, friends from all over Europe, and emotional regulation techniques".

Ainhoa tells us: "The project was about mental health. There was a strong emphasis on personal wellness and self-care techniques. We were given strategies and tools to help manage our own and others' emotions. The organization, the activities, the location, the facilitators, the participants... EVERYTHING WAS GREAT! I take away from this experience wonderful people, empathetic and attentive to the well-being of others. It has been great".

Another of the Spanish participants, Jorge, tells us: "They have been wonderful days in a natural environment that has accompanied the training topic very well. The organization is charming and the atmosphere that has been created in the group has been very pleasant "An authentic learning experience in and for all senses."

In summary, 'Mind Matters' not only gave us valuable knowledge about mental health, but also unforgettable moments and friendships from all over Europe. Until the next adventure!


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