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Mindful career orientation: exchange about mindfulness in Aiani, Greece

This February we had the opportunity to participate in the youth exchange "Mindful Career Orientation" in the small town of Aiani, in the interior of Greece. This Erasmus+ project, organized by the association Go Alive, was a unique experience from which we took a lot of learnings and memories. We tell you how it was!

The Erasmus+ project brought together young people from associations from Estonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy and of course the host, Greece, to work together in workshops and non-formal activities to discover concepts such as Ikigai, improve job orientation and learn about mindfulness and other psychology concepts.

In addition to all the workshops and activities, we also had time to visit Athens and the town of Kozani, with its bookstore full of historical items and the museum of classical Greek art in Aiani. It is impressive to see the cultural and historical richness of Greece.

Throughout the exchange we were able to reflect on the employment situation of young people in rural areas of countries such as Greece. In many of these places, job opportunities can be limited and it is important that young people have access to tools and resources to improve their job orientation and increase their chances of future success.

This is where psychology and mindfulness can be of great help. Learning about mindfulness teaches us to be aware of our thoughts and emotions, and to manage them more effectively. In addition, discovering our Ikigai can help us find a balance between our interests, skills, passions and needs, and thus have a clearer idea of where to go in our career.

There is no doubt that the world is undergoing major changes and the way we live and work is evolving at a pace never seen before. In this context, non-formal education plays a critical role in preparing youth for the future.

Non-formal education, such as the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange, offers young people the opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge that go beyond what can be learned in a classroom. By working in teams and participating in non-formal activities, they improve skills such as communication, problem solving and the ability to adapt to challenging situations. In addition, you also learn about different cultures and establish interpersonal relationships that can last a lifetime.

In an ever-changing world, these skills are essential to the future success of youth. The ability to work in teams and solve problems, as well as adaptability to challenging situations, are highly valued skills today. In addition, having a deep understanding of different cultures can be crucial for collaboration and success in a globalized environment.

In summary, the Mindful Career Orientation project was more than just a fun and educational experience. It was an opportunity for young people, especially those in rural areas, to access valuable tools that will help them improve their career orientation and increase their well-being in the future. It was a great pleasure to have been a part of it.

Organized by Go Alive in collaboration with Noored Ühiskonna Heaks.


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