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Self-esteem as a key to yourself: an exchange with IZUM Club

Hello everyone! Today we want to tell you about an amazing experience we had last June when we participated in an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange in Estonia, in a charming village near Tallinn. The theme was "Self-esteem as a key to yourself."

From Valdeorras, we were a team of five lucky teenagers, along with our group leader, Andy, from the ChitChat English academy in O Barco. There, we met young people from Estonia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and North Macedonia. What a mix of cultures, but it was so cool

During the exchange, we learned a lot about the importance of having good self-esteem for mental well-being. We discussed techniques to support and feel better about ourselves, but the best part was putting them into practice in a thousand different ways: through workshops, debates, and outdoor activities.

Besides the intense days of activities at the IZUM camp, we also had time to visit the beautiful city of Tallinn. We strolled through its medieval streets, learned about its history, and, of course, tasted its traditional food.

In Estonia, we discovered that the youth are very active and committed to the environment. Youth centers take their work seriously, and they are proud of their impressive nature. They also taught us some unpronounceable words in Estonian, though we can now say that English doesn't seem like such a difficult language.

Back in Valdeorras, we want to thank Lisa, Inessa, Nastia, and all our friends from IZUM Club for treating us so well and making us feel at home. And, of course, thanks to the Erasmus+ program for giving us this unique opportunity.

See you soon!



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