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Sex Education Nowadays: a Training Course in Estonia

Last October, we had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in a fascinating Erasmus+ training course in Estonia, organized by the IZUM Club in collaboration with various European associations. The focus of the program, titled "Sex Education Nowadays", led us to explore the current complexities and challenges in sexual education, a fundamental topic in youth development.

One of the standout features of the course was the presence of a sexologist conducting theoretical sessions. Blanca, a participant from the Spanish team, shared her enthusiasm: "The best part was having a sexologist lead the theoretical sessions. I gained a lot of updated information about STDs."

Carmen, another member of the Spanish team, emphasized the importance of having professional coaches in the field of sexual education. "The best part was having coaches who were professionals in the field; you could tell they enjoyed what they talked about and approached it with a lot of naturalness," expressed Carmen. The coaches' ability to handle the subject with naturalness and empathy contributed to creating a safe and conducive learning environment.

Furthermore, Carmen shared insights into communicating with children in a less paternalistic manner. "I learned how to speak to children in a much less paternalistic way. Nobody is born knowledgeable." This approach, based on understanding and respect, not only transforms how we address sexual education but also fosters an open and receptive mindset.

One of the most interesting lessons was Carmen's observation of cultural differences between countries. "I also saw that differences between countries don't hinder treating each other with respect and having very, very similar values."

In summary, the Sex Education Nowadays training course not only provided valuable knowledge about sexual education but also left a lasting impact on the participants' perception and approach. Thanks to everyone who made it possible!


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