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The real impact of youth associations: an experience in Riga

Welcome once again to the Valdeorras Vive blog! Today we want to tell you about our experience in an Erasmus+ training course organized by Young Folks in the beautiful historic center of Riga.

In this training course, we delved into the topic of financing and economic management of associations, in order to learn how to keep our ideas afloat and make our projects sustainable. All of this together with a group of 20 young workers and volunteers from associations throughout Europe.

But without a doubt, what inspired us most during our stay in Riga was to see how the Young Folks organization works. As a team of more than 400 volunteers, the organization is dedicated among other things to helping refugees from the war in Ukraine, especially families who pass through Latvia as a place of transit and have nowhere to sleep and no money for such basic things as food or transportation.

During the course, Young Folks showed us how they have created a support network and how they have organized themselves to offer practical assistance to these families in need. Seeing how they work and the impact they have had on the local community was a truly inspiring moment.

Associations such as Young Folks are essential to help those who need it most, especially in times of crisis such as the Ukrainian war across Europe. However, these organizations often lack the institutional support needed to continue their work. It is critical that governments and other institutions recognize their value and provide the necessary resources to help them continue to create a more just and equitable world.

We cannot express how grateful we are to Young Folks for providing us with this unique opportunity for learning and personal growth. In addition to teaching us about financial management and funding, they also showed us how an organization can have a real and meaningful impact on people's lives.

Despite the bitterly cold February weather in Riga, our accommodations inside the lodging were fantastic, and the atmosphere among all the participants was unbeatable. We have established incredible relationships with associations from all over Europe, and we feel more connected than ever to the global community of youth workers.

In conclusion, this Erasmus+ training course has been an unforgettable experience. It has left us with a feeling of admiration for the work they do, sincere gratitude for having been part of this experience and renewed inspiration to continue working in our own associations to make the world a better place. Thank you Young Folks!


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